Down to the Wire!

Posted on October 30, 2017

We had some aggressive goals for the month of October. I was hoping to update you all last week, but we had a couple projects that were sooooo close to finishing that I wanted to hold off and give us one more weekend to make some progress.

Our goals in October were two-fold. (1) finish validating our newest circuit board to ensure that we could communicate with all of the components and (2) add a new calendar view to the mobile app. After a sprint to the finish I'm happy to report that we've accomplished both of those goals! Our new board is 100% validated. All of the components are working and we're ready to move on to more interesting challenges. Specifically in November we will be assessing battery life, which is a critical and unanswered question in our device. We're optimistic that we can increase battery life and decrease the size of the battery as compared to our last prototype.

We also released a new version of our mobile app! If you missed our last update, in September we released the Climbalytics app. Since the wristband is not ready for testing yet, this version of the mobile app allows you to manually log your climbs. As soon as the wristband is finished you'll no longer have to do that, and each climb will be recorded for you automatically. We're super thankful to everyone who has tested out the app, submitted bug reports and new feature requests. In October we addressed some login issues with the app and added a new color coded calendar. The calendar shows how much climbing activity you've logged on each day of the month. It also shows you a graph of how your personalized grade has changed over time.

November is going to be another busy month for us. As always we're excited to chat with any of you if you have ideas, suggestions or just want to nerd out about climbing data. Thanks for continuing to follow along.