Getting Close, Now Working on the Final Form

Posted on February 24, 2017

tldr; we're building a fitness tracker for climbers. Please share your thoughts in this 1 minute survey to help us figure out how the tracker should be worn.

Since our last update we've been thinking a lot about what form the fitness tracker will take. We've made some incredible strides in shrinking down the circuitry thanks to a super talented local engineer / climber who's been helping us out. Our newest prototype is code-named Gamma.

At a mere 1.5" x 1" x 3/4" the Gamma's size is getting closer and closer to something that could be worn. Equally important, it now has Bluetooth so it can wirelessly transmit climbing data to a smartphone. After a couple of weeks of testing this device, we plan to start working toward creating the final device.

Speaking of the final device, we've had conversations with many of you about the important aspects of this device. One conversation we have over and over again is how the device will be worn. Due to technical limitations it needs to be worn close to the wrist so we are researching the best way this can be done and we'd love your input. Please help us and take our short 1 minute survey about your climbing habits and preferences so that we can build the best, most comfortable device possible.

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