Introducing the Climbalytics Team

Posted on Setember 1, 2017

We are excited to announce that we just printed our first custom electronics board and are psyched to start testing it out. In addition, we've brought in a solid group of people to our team to help us continue with the development and design of our device. So for this month's update, we'd like to introduce you to our Climbalytics team.

Aaron Larner, Climbalytics Founder

Aaron is a climber, software engineer and lifelong learner. He's interested in finding new ways to combine his passions, and Climbalytics fits the bill perfectly. Aaron has spent his career building web and mobile applications for large companies and start-ups alike. When he's not climbing or coding he enjoys volunteering to promote Computer Science education and diversity, baking (especially with Nutella) and mentoring other developers.

Brandon Hill, Climbalytics Co-founder

Brandon started his climbing career in 1998 at Exposure climbing gym in Houston, TX. He has held a wide range of roles at climbing gyms, including front desk employee, setter, training class instructor, and construction manager of Crux Climbing Center in Austin, TX. He has also dabbled in making climbing holds and crash pads and even built a freestanding boulder in his backyard. Other than climbing, Brandon spends his time building residential custom homes, playing ultimate frisbee, and hanging with his wife Ginny and his three pets Luna, Sunny, and Tigger.

Du Lo, Electrical Engineer

Du has always loved tinkering with electronics from a young age, so it's no surprise that he went on to become an electrical engineer. He loves to travel and experience diverse cultures, food and most importantly, local rock climbing.

Matt Jacobs, Embedded Systems Developer

Matt is a multi-faceted software engineer, with experience in both embedded systems as well as web development. He started climbing back in college and loved it so much that he climbed multiple times a day in between classes. He is an amateur traveler, his last trip being a "workation" for 2 weeks on the Pacific beaches of Nicaragua, and his next trip will be a true vacation for 3 weeks in London, Ireland, and France. When he is not working, climbing, or traveling, you'll find him spending quality time lounging with his husband, Logan, and 2 dogs, Charlie and Dylan.

Brooks Prumo, Embedded Systems Developer

Brooks is a rock climbing software engineer. He enjoys learning about how to improve his climbing and how to objectively measure improvement. Brooks is excited to combine his skills and passions with Climbalytics.

Kimberly Nguyen, Industrial Designer

Kimberly is an industrial designer who isn't afraid to try new and unusual things, of which her most recent obsession is bouldering and top roping. Kimberly's open-mindedness allows her to explore every opportunity, whether in life or design. Working with Climbalytics, she will use design thinking to create something new, bold and exciting.

Charlotte Poon, Industrial Designer

Charlotte is an industrial designer with a desire to create things of purpose to impact the lives of others, with a focus on athletic performance products. She is excited to be joining the Climbalytics team to bring the sport of climbing to a new level, as the project is the perfect meld of three of her main interests: climbing, tech and fashion. In her spare time, you can find her at the bouldering gym or planning the next travel adventure to inspire the creative mind.

Kurt MacLaurin, Product Designer

Kurt is a product designer and co-owner of Boston Labs Design and Development LLC. Kurt started Boston Labs to enable start-ups, inventors and anyone with passionate ideas develop products that ultimately help improve people's lives. While not in the studio Kurt spends time with his family trying not to be so old. Trail running keeps him sane.