How it Works

Photo of someone wearing the climbalytics tracker

A sophisticated fitness tracker

Our patented climb tracking system uses a specially designed fitness tracker to log each climb that your members attempt, send or flash. There's no need to manually log climbs. The tracker keeps track of the details of each climbers session and shows them interactive reports when they're done climbing.

The magic of RFID

Climbalytics tracks climber positions on the wall using a technology called RFID. This is the same technology that is used for contactless payment systems, electronic toll collection and pet microchips.

Quick, one-time install

We provide sheets of inexpensive RFID microchips to each gym. The sheets are installed behind your walls once and work forever. We provide the sheets and a team of two setters can install them quickly and efficiently by fastening each sheet with two screws. This allows easy access to the back of the wall to replace T-nuts. Just lift up the sheet that's over the faulty T-nut. The sheets also help keep chalk and dust from getting behind your walls.

3D model of the front of a climbing wall
From the climber perspective your walls look no different.
3D model of the back of a climbing wall with RFID tags
On the back of the wall we install a grid of RFID tags that are used to track climbing activity.

Entering climbs into the system

We provide an easy to use mobile app for entering new sets of routes into your gym's database. Each route requires a color and grade as well as a route “fingerprint,” which can be scanned with one of our trackers and is automatically associated with the route over bluetooth. The fingerprint identifies the start and end of a climb. Route management is included at no extra cost. Learn more about route management here.