Climb to the top of EL CAPITAN!
Prizes and glory await you at the top if you climb all 3,450 ft in 31 days.

Event Information

Welcome to the El Cap Challenge! Test your endurance and build strength by attempting to climb 3,450 ft1 over the course of March. Prizes, bragging rights and glory await you at the top!

1 The distance of El Capitan, The Nose in Yosemite.

Why: Fun! Why else?

What: Climb the equivalent distance of El Capitan, The Nose (3,450 ft).


  • Event runs March 1st - 31st
  • Tracker Pickup Feb 24th 10am-6pm or March 1st 11am-9pm
  • Awards event April 1st from 8pm to 9pm

How: Be one of the first people ever to use the fancy, new Climbalyitcs fitness tracker to automatically log all all of your climbs. No manual entry needed!

Cost: $5 early bird registration before March 1, $10 regular registration on or after March 1.

How to Win

You can win in one of three ways!

  1. Mountaineer: you reached the summit of El Capitan (3,450 ft)
  2. Adventurer: you climbed to the Great Roof (2,400 ft)
  3. Explorer: you arrived at the Dolt Tower (1,200 ft)


We've sold out of the 50 spots available in the event. We're working to see if we can open up some other spots. If you've like to join the wait list please fill out the information below.

Tracker Pickup

Tracker Pickup will be on Feb 24th 10am-6pm and March 1st 11am-9pm at Crux Climbing Center. We will give a short tutorial on how to use the tracker and app as well as how to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Also, we’ll have a few freebies that you can grab from our sponsors.


Each participant will receive a Climbalytics fitness tracker at the beginning of the event (see Tracker Pickup) to track their climbs. This is the first time ever that the trackers will be available for use by the public! We plan to offer the trackers for sale at some point in the future, but due to limited quantity your tracker must be returned at the end of the event.

We’re believers in the saying "there’s no cheating in climbing, only lying." Use the tracker however you wish, but please be honest. This event is a personal challenge so to be considered a gold, silver or bronze winner please don’t share your tracker with anyone else. If you know someone that would like to check it out, awesome! We have a few extras that we’d be happy to let them borrow.

In order for a climb to count towards your 3,450 ft goal you must send each climb with the tracker. No climbing half way up for half credit. The tracker will buzz when it has detected that you’ve started a climb and buzz again when it has detected that you’ve finished. If for some reason it doesn’t buzz at the start please let us know and we will fix that ASAP. If it doesn’t buzz at the end, the climb may show up as an attempt in your app rather than a send. You can tap on the climb in our app and change it to a send, however, you will be limited to 3 adjustments per day. If you find yourself needing to fix more than three climbs per day please reach out to us ( and we will address any issues that you’re running into.

If you’re under 18 years old please come with a parent or guardian when picking up the tracker.

If the tracker is damaged while climbing we will replace the tracker for free. Just contact us ( and we will get you a new one as soon as possible.

The tracker is not currently waterproof so please do not use near or in water. For example, please take the tracker off before washing your hands.

No collateral is required to receive our tracker but if you fail to return it by April 5th then we will charge a lost fee of $80. If it’s accidentally damaged we will not charge you as long as you return it.

After the event is over you will still have access to all of the climbs that you logged via the Climbalytics app!

The El Cap Challenge runs from 12:00 am March 1st to 11:59 pm March 31st CT. Good luck!