Gym Information

Passive Climber Feedback

When we were developing the Climbalytics system, we wanted to provide a way for gyms to gather useful information on the preferences and skill levels of the climbers in their gym. The core benefit is the ability to better understand who is climbing at your facility so that the you can provide the best experience possible for your customers.

The Climbalytics system helps you to answer several key questions about your customers including:

  • What is the skill level distribution of your customers?
  • How does average climber skill vary over time of day and day of week?
  • What type of problems do your members enjoy the most?
  • How long do members spend at your facility?
  • How does the difficulty distribution of routes at your gym compare to the skill level of climbers?

Participating gyms get access to a real time dashboard that summarizes all of this information and more. Furthermore, Climbalytics sets your gym apart from competitors by providing your members with their own personalized dashboard and app to track their climbing progress.

Gym Setup

We were adamant that our device has to be straightforward and quick for gyms to set up. Every decision we've made about the product has had to pass that test.

The Climbalytics system involves three important pieces:

  1. The Wristband
  2. The Climber App
  3. The Setter App

When setting new routes in your gym, setters will use inexpensive RFID tape to tag routes and our simple scan/grade/name process. The only requirements are that setters use our RFID tape on the start and end holds of new routes. Then they simply scan, grade and name the route inside of our Setters App. For a more sohpisticated setup you can tape each hold on the route instead of just the start and end hold. This will give you and your members more detailed information about where climbers get stuck on climbs.

Stay informed of our progress

Climbalytics is still in development. We provide periodic updates when we cross new milestones. If you’re interested in chatting with us we’d love to talk.