How it Works

Climbalytics uses RFID, the same technology that is used by tracking marathon runners, libraries, public transit passes, those automatic cat doors... We use this technology to detect when a climber is close to a hold on the wall. It’s extremely accurate and easy to set up for gym owners and setters.

RFID tape is used to mark the start and end holds of a route (where you would normally use colored masking tape). The Climbalytics wristband detects when it is in close proximity to that RFID tape, informing our system if the climber has just started or completed a route. More sophisticated gyms can also add RFID tape to holds in the middle of the route, giving the climber more information on how far up the route they ascended.

By detecting when a climber starts a route and if/when the they finish, the Climbalytics app can provide a myriad of useful training information including:

  • A detailed log of every attempt, send and flash
  • V Points for a given climbing session
  • Active climbing time and rest time
  • An average climber grade
  • Statistical grades for each route in the gym
  • Popularity of routes in the gym
  • Historical climbing performance and intensity

All of this data is automatically recorded without any manual data entry.

Stay informed of our progress

Climbalytics is still in development. We provide periodic updates when we cross new milestones. If you’re interested in chatting with us we’d love to talk.